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I am a fruity member of the cucumber family. My old soul originates from the depths of Africa. In fact, I have been cultivated and consumed since well before 2000 BC. My marbled skin is thick and rich in color. I am sweet and crisp and my flesh can be vibrant red, pale pink or golden yellow. My fifty plus varieties differ vastly in weight and size. The 'Roundies' are the lightweights of the family, while the 'Grand Oblongs' are plumper, sometimes weighing over 100 pounds. You should see them run! In certain regions my skin is pickled, candied or fried, but mostly our exteriors are found slurped, moon shaped, ragged and discarded. Our smooth little black seeds might well be the original ammunition of food fights. These prominent sliders are spat, spewed or swallowed. Our newer generations are showing up with no seeds and now there is even a new square shape available. As in most families, the youth do not appreciate or respect the traditions their prior generations fought so hard to maintain. If you are spending time in the desert, I'm the companion you'll want to bring along, just make sure you are prepared for my diuretic effects. I am also a good source of vitamin C and potassium.

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