The Produce Quiz – What Am I?

In China I am dialect of record and the language spoken by government officials. But throughout the rest of the world I am the proud name of the largest group of edible citrus. Most consumers think of me as a single fruit, but there is actually a category that totally devoted to me. Within that category we vary greatly. We have many different textures, some of us are seeded, some of us are not, and our trees have few similarities. One thing we do have in common is our 'slip-skins'. We strip down real easy which makes us popular at bars and one quick weekend getaways, but we can really be enjoyed anytime. Dancy is the one who most likely started the deal. From there we have been divided into four categories ranging in location from Japan to the Mediterranean basin and from Indonesia to the commons everywhere else. Incest runs rampant in our groups and you can see the foreplay while we are waiting in line for our shot at cross-pollination. Our flavor is popular worldwide but it remains with the Japanese for the title of growth and consumption. It's always cool to be young, but adolescent heat makes us very, very sweet. We love to hang around the hot desert sun, waiting to be picked, packed and shipped, and slurped. We are best eaten out of hand, but we can also be used for sweet and sour sauces, and salads of rice, chicken, or fruit, or with seafood. We have also been spotted decorating cakes, hiding in bavarian creams, and on special occasions, chocolate fondue. Obviously we are an excellent source of vitamin C, but we also supply potassium, vitamin A, and folic acid.

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