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Finally the culinary world is recognizing me again. My name comes from the Latin 'to wash' and for a long time I was washed up in kitchens. I've had a most glorious history. In the Middle Ages I was considered the herb of love, to the perfume industry I've always been a major component. From smelling salts to soothing the mind and soul, I have several medicinal uses. My English variety is most popular for perfumed products and my smaller flowers produce more valuable esters than the older plant's darker oils. Often found in vinegars, jellies and sometimes as a salad condiment, my small purple flowers and long stems stand out as an excellent garnish. I am a member of the mint family and today my culinary uses are being realized in both sweet and savory dishes. Combining perfectly with lamb, salmon, black pepper, honey, chocolate, cumin, oranges, and many smoked foods, the creative chef will find endless uses for me. I am available fresh or dried and I bloom and flower in June and July. When you have finished using me in the kitchen, and if you are lucky enough to have some of me leftover, here are some other possible uses for me: soaps, pillow stuffing, potpourris, shaving cream, or just add it to your bath water. And let us not forget that Donovan sang about understanding me, so if you have any more questions ask him, he made me a big part of the whole 60's love thing.

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