The Produce Quiz – What Am I?

My top is green to make the scene, and although I fight my bottom is always white. I'm long and slender, but not real tender, and I certainly am a fines herbes member. I am the cibol , from Siberia but I'm not so hot as to cause hysteria. My cousins are round and dug from the ground, or very thin and hot within. Some are sweet and cool to eat, but I'm the one who's rolled for fun. If you need some help with your hunches I'm here to inform you I'm sold in bunches. In omelets, salads, and soups I'm fine, and you can also brush or flower me anytime. In vinaigrettes I make a splash, but use me at the end so I don't turn to trash. In pasta salad and seafood too, with all my vitamins I'm good for you. With vitamins C, A and potassium to spare, one drink of my juice will have your intestines in good repair. On sour cream often chopped on top, on nacho platters I hit the spot!

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Produce Quiz courtesy of
Richard Liebowitz
Culinary Specialty Produce

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