The Produce Quiz – What Am I?

In the poo of the sham, in the paste of the tooth,
I've slept with King Tut and helped increase youth.

My sweet can't be beat, I' sugar times fifty,
I allow retained water so thirst won't become thee.

Low my delicate branch yields the head of Medusa,
With rootlets and taproots tangled to seduce ya.

My skin is dark brown, my flesh yellow gold,
I help reduce phlegm and remedy your cold.

I'm the master of healing, a medical wonder
But don't use to much or the ground you'll be under

Only rarely in candy, it's most often a fake
I put head on your beer, and will flavor your cake.

With all of this wonder the one thing I don't know
Is why my greatest use is in products tobacco?

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Produce Quiz courtesy of
Richard Liebowitz
Culinary Specialty Produce

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