The Produce Quiz – What Am I?

I'm part of a big family, so you may have trouble picking me out from the group. I'm one of the oldest members of the clan, all the way from the ancient Greeks and Romans. I'm proud of my heritage and that I arrived aboard the slave ships with those who know how to treat me the best. My young tender leaves are blue green and prime; the rest of my greens can go to your iguana, but neither of you will want my long stalk. I'm incredibly prolific – lots of greens from very few plants. As I grow, if you are kind, you can harvest my outer leaves and I'll keep growing from the inside out for my entire season. Or if you're one of those commercial farmers, you'll wait till I crown, and then lop off my non-head all at once. You see, I'm a soul man . . . I'm smooth and young and I just need a good bath, then when you heat me up nice and long and slow, I'm succulent. Cozy up with me and let my aroma take you down to the pleasures of the south. Shred my leathery leaves; couple me with some hocks, then serve me up with black-eyed peas. My smooth, thick, tender leaves are hearty enough to replace meat – Brazil’s feijoada would not be complete without me. Prepare me with vinegar to get the best flavor. Full of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins A and C. Find me at my prime December through April.

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Produce Quiz courtesy of
Richard Liebowitz
Culinary Specialty Produce

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