The Produce Quiz – What Am I?

I am originally from the Middle East and Central Asia. I have been cultivated there for thousands of years. I am a member in good standing of the Umbelliferae family (you may have heard of my cousin hemlock, I know Socrates has). I am a biennial plant and have hundreds of varieties ranging in height, thickness and color. In fact my various colors almost cover the entire rainbow including, white, orange, red, purple, and if left out to long, black. I am produced globally but my largest crops come from the United States, China, England, France, Japan, and Poland. My uses are truly universal. Need to soothe a burn? Use me raw as a compress for immediate relief. Menstrual cramping got you bloated? Don't run to the medicine cabinet, head for the refrigerator and munch out on me. Wanna make your wine more interesting? Use me in the fermentation process and cheer the results. On the culinary side you will enjoy me in crudites, soups, salads, sandwiches, juice, cookies, cakes, or classically glazed with brown sugar and butter. I am a dieter's delight with low calorie counts, and as for fat? Ha! I have none! I am 87% water yet rich in vitamin A and Potassium. My slender shape also contains Vitamin C, Thiamin, Folic Acid, and Magnesium. My oil is rich in Vitamin E. These days you could very well find me skinned and topless, but don't worry, that gets me to the plate more quickly. Children thrive on my babies, horses love the old folks. Why, with this many colors shapes, you can see why we are so popular.

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