Winter Italian Salad Mix



General information:

Grown in California, this incredible winter salad mix has been hand-assembled for our most cutting-edge culinary customers. A rich and flavorful combination of the best winter Italian greens: Castlefranco, Puntarelle and Treviso. A variety of flavors underscored by a distinct bitterness that will compliment a rich cheese or roasted root salad. By presenting full heads of each type of chicory, there are a variety of preparation options, raw, grilled, roasted - these greens can be combined or served separately.

This combination box holds four heads of the lovely and light colored Castlefranco, four heads of Treviso and two heads of Puntarelle to be uniquely prepared by each kitchen. (As the season progresses, Cardone may be substituted for Puntarelle; perhaps in March.)