Oro Blanco

General information:

Oro Blanco is possibly the best tasting sweet white grapefruit available today. It is a triploid from a grapefruit x pummelo cross. It is seedless. Geneticists R.K. Soost and J.W. Cameron of the University of California created it in 1958 and patented it in 1981. Oro Blanco has retained more of the grapefruit characteristics. The fruit is about the size of a grapefruit with a slightly thicker peel. The Oro Blanco inherits its thick rind and small juice cavity from the Pummelo. The fruit is lower in acid and higher in sugar than grapefruit and has more of the pummelo flavor. Oro Blanco has an exceptionally sweet flavor and lacks the typical bitter grapefruit aftertaste. It is seedless and ripens from December to April.