Bing Cherry

Handling tips:

36° F

General information:

The Bing cherry is the commercial leader in sweet cherry production. Bing cherries are large, round extra-sweet cherries with purple-red flesh and a deep red skin that verges on black when the fruit is ripe. Firm in texture and juicy when ripe, the Bing cherry is a member of the stonefruit, or drupe, family Imported from Chile for the holiday season, the winter Bing is a rare find in cool weather. The original Bing cherry was developed through grafting in 1875 by a horticulturalist named Seth Lewelling and his orchard foreman, Ah Bing, for whom the cultivar is named. The original tree from which the graft was developed was the heirloom variety Black Republican cherry.


 Saturated fat-free
 A good source of fiber