Other names:

Chinese Yam



Handling tips:

45° F.

General information:

Nagaimo is soft and pleasant on the palate and rich in nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamin C, and above all, diastase, which promotes digestion and activates liver function. Containing as many kinds of vitamins as fruits and green and yellow vegetables, nagaimo is good for beauty and health. It can be prepared in various ways such as grated yam, and in salads, pickles, etc.

Chinese yams are known as "sanyaku" in traditional Chinese medicine, and are used for medicinal purposes. Chinese yams contain high levels of digestive acids such as amylase, and aid in the digestion of any starchy food products you may eat, including rice. In addition, the unique glutinous nature of Chinese yams is said to enhance the action of proteins within the body. They are said to be effective in relieving high blood pressure, stomach troubles and fatigue.