Gobo Root

Other names:

Burdock, Neu Pam


All year.


Asia and the United States.

Handling tips:

Keep cold, 32-34°F. May mist occasionally, keep moist

General information:

Gobo is very similar to salsify in appearance and flavor. Gobo may be washed and peeled, then sliced or diced into soups, stews or combined with other vegetables in a mixed saute. The flavor is reminiscent of artichoke and sunchoke.

Edible Burdock is often called Gobo in Japanese supermarket. Plants are cultivated mainly for the slender roots, that can grow to 4 feet long and 1 inch across. Burdock root is very crispy and has a sweet, mild pungent flavor, which is used as a delicacy in Japanese food. Burdock is a hardy biennial plant, but grow as an annual.