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Origin: Taiwan
Pack: 8 lbs
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Carambola (Star fruit) The golden-yellow Carambola is the perfect five pointed star when cross-cut, hence it’s nickname, star fruit. Elliptical in shape and two to five inches long with deep ribs, this fruit originated in Southeast Asia but is now also grown in Florida. Carambola can be eaten out of hand, like an apple and they have very few seeds. The outer skin should be shiny and firm. The skin on unripe fruit is tinged green but by ripening the fruit at room temperature, it will turn a rich golden color and develop a sweet aroma. Simply wash the fruit, remove any blemished areas, cut crosswise to get the star shape, and eat! Add to fruit salads, sauté lightly or use as a beautiful garnish. Star fruit are an excellent source of vitamin C, are low fat, and sodium and cholesterol free. A small whole star fruit will provide approximately 2/3 cup of sliced fruit.

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